Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I'm on Spring Break right now, so I've got some extra time on my hands.  The last 2 days I painted a room for a co-worker.  Having to move furniture and bend down quite a bit made me notice how much less energy I have.  Not so much a feeling of not getting enough sleep, but rather a lack of muscle endurance.  I had to take more frequent breaks than I normally would have.  Soreness in my muscles was apparent very quickly too.  I found myself getting lightheaded when I would kneel down and get up too quickly.  All of this was very surprising to me.

It made me think about the billions of people who eat very little food, but have to go out and work everyday.  Whether it is walking miles to get water or working in the field cultivating crops, I can't imagine the pain those people must feel.  They don't have any other options though.  If they don't plant their fields, they don't eat.  They don't have a choice of whether or not to walk to get water.

As our dollar-a-day experience draws to a close, I want to make sure that I don't just go back to living my normal life of having more than I need.  If I move toward just having enough, I'll be able to help some people take a step from having close to nothing to having enough.

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