Saturday, July 31, 2010

Day 1 Continued...

Here are a few photos from our trip so far. We ended up making our flight to Honduras even though we were delayed for an hour.  Apparently the plane that was going to fly from Miami to Honduras was out of commission, so we ended up riding in the same plane we did from Chicago.  That was an answer to prayer that we didn't miss our connecting flight.

The flight from Miami to Honduras was a little more interesting than the first flight.  About 30 minutes into it, we hit a pocket of air and the plane dropped significantly.  Some girl screamed when it happened, and the rest of the ride was a little tense.  THEN there was the landing.  That was quite an experience.  You're turning pretty much until the wheels touch down.

Well, we've made it and are resting up after a long day of travel.  Hope you enjoy the photos, and keep checking back for more updates.

Here's a video of what a landing looks like.


  1. So glad to know you guys (and baby girl:) made it to Honduras, safely. Don't like the looks of the type of landing you had to make, but it's over, and I hope takeoffs there are better. Looking forward to following along, via the Blog, as you minister there, and are subsequently ministered to. Thanks for taking the time to post pictures and experiences.

  2. Wow! Now, that's a landing. Glad you all made it safely.

  3. Interesting landing for sure. It looks like he overcorrected a bit and was hooking a bit as he touched down.