Monday, August 16, 2010

Dr. Andy

Ok, so Dr. Andy is a bit of a stretch.  Well, maybe a HUGE stretch.  However, I did get to spend some time observing at a private medical clinic in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.  It's run by a missionary organization called His Eyes.  Trevor and Valerie Colby run the mission organization and the clinic.  The clinic is called Clinica Cristiana Cuerpo de Cristo (Body of Christ Christian Clinic).

It was amazing to see the work that they're doing at the clinic.  They have a medical doctor, a dentist, an ophthalmologist (that's Valerie too), and a number of other nurses and support staff.  Working together, they're able to care for a huge number of patients everyday.  The dentist told be he sees up to 20 patients a day, and the doctor will see around that just in the morning.  They really worked well together, and were able to offer high quality care to people who otherwise would probably not have access to it.

I also appreciated the opportunity it afforded me to be able to meet a number of different missionaries who are working in Honduras as well.  I got to spend time talking with Valerie and Trevor about the various ministries they are involved in (you can read about them here and Trevor's blog here).

I also got to meet Jim and Frances Martin of the mission organization Honduras Ministries.  Jim is from Kansas, but has been living in Honduras for about 10 years.  Their organization provides food, clothing, and the opportunity for children to go to school. All this with the ultimate goal of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I feel extremely thankful to God that I crossed paths with Jim, and he invited me to have dinner with his family the final evening I was in Honduras.  I was thankful to hear more about their ministry, but even more so because I ended up needing a place to stay that final evening.  I was accidentally locked out of the Casa Lamb, and fortunately Jim lived only about a 5 minute walk from there.  If it weren't for us meeting and me having dinner there, I would have ended up sleeping on the tile porch of the Casa.  Instead, I had a comfortable bed (and even a brand new tooth brush to use!).  Jim and his family were gracious hosts.

All in all, I got to hear about and witness many ways that God is working in Honduras.  It was an honor to meet so many dedicated people serving there to bring God glory.  I look forward to seeing how I will be able to support all of the new friends that I made while in Honduras.

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