Friday, August 6, 2010

Light suitcases and heavy hearts

When our team began planning the logistics of our trip, we decided to pack all of our clothing and personal items in our carry on bags so we could fill our checked baggage with donations for Casitas Kennedy. While this made packing for the trip a little more challenging, it was worth the extra effort to bring all the crafts, clothes, toys, soccer balls, candy, etc. We handed most of our donations out yesterday and today, and seeing the kids proudly wearing their new clothes was so sweet.

So today as we left Casitas Kennedy for the last time, we packed our empty suitcases into the van. Transporting our luggage to the airport tomorrow morning will be a breeze, but I'm pretty sure we'd all take a couple of heavy suitcases over the sadness we have over leaving the kids we met this week. We knew before we even started this trip that the goodbye would be difficult, but the reality that we will probably never know any more about these kids than we do right now seems pretty cruel. But that reality is part of what spurs us on to continued action, which is a very good thing. As for the reality these kids face every morning, we are hoping and praying that there will continue to be others who cross their paths, showing them love and hope. We are certainly not the first group to come to this orphanage, and it helps to think that we aren't the whole story, but just a small part of God's plan to take care of His children.


  1. Im sure it must have been so hard to leave. I'm so glad you got to go on this trip! You've made me want to go on a mission trip now :)

  2. How very touching, and sad. Their little lives are so real and important. I'm sure it was hard to leave, anxious as you must all be to get back home. Virna Birkey coined, "God is the Blessed Controller of All Things," and it will be interesting to see how He continues to use the love, caring, and generosity, you all demonstrated, in the lives of these children. You can trust Him to do that, for He doesn't waste anything. Thank you for giving of yourselves, for the sake of the Honduran orphans.