Sunday, February 21, 2010

Step One - Give up coffee

You can't really drink coffee when you're eating for $1 a day, so I've been slowly decaffeinating myself since the beginning of the year. It really hasn't been as bad as I expected, I'm guessing because I had to the time to do it gradually. I started at about 5-6 cups of coffee and 2-3 Diet Cokes a day, with an occasional extra coffee or Diet Coke thrown in a couple times a week. As of today, I drank my last half-decaf cup of coffee, and tomorrow I will face the world completely devoid of caffeinated beverages.

While I don't pretend that this is hugely sacrificial of me, I do have to admit to being unreasonably proud of my accomplishment. I just never thought it would happen. Or at least not until Andy staged some kind of an intervention.

Goodbye coffee accoutrements.


  1. Amazing what you guys are doing and I would love to know more about what inspired you. I saw your story posted by Amanda w/ VO on fb and would love to connect but couldn't find you there (fb). I'm challenged to so this myself, as rice night or the rice week challenge just doesn't seem radical in comparison!

  2. @Tonya - I checked out your blog, and that's a great concept. I like that you're making that a focus weekly, which will help keep it fresh in everyone's minds throughout the rest of that week. After the first time we did the $1 a day for a month, we changed our eating/dining out habits for a while. Eventually though, we let ourselves slip back into the convenience that dining out offers. Having that weekly reminder would help keep that mindset going better I think.

    Thanks for following us. :)

  3. I could never give up there a reason why you did not go to Aldi's for some of your items? instead of brand names?

  4. @Rose - the brand name stuff we had coupons for. We have a local chain called Woodman's that has prices that are pretty much equivalent to Aldi.