Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Step Two - Clear out the cabinets

Today we packed up some of the cabinets, in anticipation of our $1-a-day beginning March 1st.  As you can see, Ozzie was very helpful in this endeavor.  For those of you who aren't local Aurorans, the Beacon News wrote an article about our experience.  You can read it here.

As challenging as it will be to not eat all those goodies we packed up today (including those 2 boxes of thin mints we JUST got), I thought I'd share some of Janell's amazing baking skills, which will be greatly missed by me.  She baked this apple tart tonight.  Unfortunately, she's taking it in to work tomorrow, so I won't even get to enjoy it. :(

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  1. Seeing you guys in the paper this morning made my mom's (Janet Clare) day. God bless you both for making this sacrifice.