Wednesday, March 17, 2010


We found out where we'll be staying when we go to Honduras, and I'm pretty excited about it. We'll be staying at the Casa Lamb Guest House - they offer a clean, safe place to stay with hot showers, inexpensive meals, and FREE WIRELESS INTERNET! I figured we'd be completely cut off from the outside world while we in Honduras, but it turns out we can still waste just as much time online as we normally do. :)  Just kidding, but hopefully it means we can live-blog our experiences and keep you guys up to date. Here's a picture of the Casa Lamb Guest House.

One more thing to be excited about - they have coffee available all day. Really, all day!

By the way, bendiciones means blessings in case you didn't look it up on google translate yet.


  1. I'm especially excited about the inexpensive meals! Often, and sadly, people complain about food provided for them, but I have a feeling you two will be very grateful, even if it's not your favorite. I'm just glad to know you're going to be fed there! I think we all may be quite surprised to see how thin you two have become, by the end of the month. Andy was well on his way, after only one week, and I can only imagine March 31st! Mother wants her chillun to have more food!

  2. man. that place sounds nicer than the "resort" we rented in Florida...