Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Out best meal yet

Janell decided to make a "luxurious" meal for dinner tonight (luxurious = no rice).  We had Spanish omelettes.  Here's the recipe:

- 3 pieces of bacon
- half an onion
- 1 potato
- 4 eggs

It was delicious.  The only thing it was missing was cheese.  This was a great way to end a rather bad day.

1 comment:

  1. The omelet looks delicious, onscreen, and I'm glad to hear it was, but sorry to hear the day was bad, and hope that improves. We so often comfort ourselves with good food, and more of it! You two are certainly partaking of what life is like, for those less fortunate than we, who have little to comfort themselves, apart from relationship with our Father. I fear I know little of His comfort, as I seek to find "comfort" in the abundance of things I have, perhaps circumventing a deeper relationship and walk with Him. I truly believe your efforts are not in vain, as you two walk in the shoes of far more people than we are comfortable being aware of.