Monday, March 1, 2010

Day 1

Strange how many people care what you’re eating when they know you can only spend $1. And I guess it doesn’t hurt to have an article in The Beacon either (thanks to Denise Crosby for writing such a nice article and Marianne Mather for taking pictures and hanging out in our kitchen with us…and Ozzie). I’ve been feeling a little uncomfortable with the recent attention this has drawn (it’s pretty modest, but more than I’m used to) and I think I figured out why this morning.

It’s kind of fun to talk about how we’re going to stretch our money and make our food last, and I have been so encouraged by all the people who care about what we’re doing. But I’ve had a growing sense of unease over the last few days, and I think it’s because I feel a little hypocritical. We’re getting all of these accolades for making such a huge sacrifice and even raising money for our efforts, but after all of the statistics we’ve heard and stories we’ve read, I don’t feel so sacrificial. I really am just walking a few steps in someone else’s “normal” shoes, and they don’t get praised or earn money for doing it.

And honestly, it’s not that bad. I’m kind of ashamed that I can trick myself into thinking I’m giving up so much, when I really still have enough. And I guess that’s what we’re trying to learn – what it feels like to only want enough. Good thing I still have 30 more days, because I’m definitely not there yet.

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