Sunday, March 28, 2010

Guest Blogger - Tony Melton

I had the honor of teaching with Tony Melton for 5 years.  A little over 2 years ago, Tony challenged Janell and I to eat for a dollar-a-day along with him.  Since he was the person who introduced the idea to me, I thought I'd ask him to do a blog entry for us.  So, here it is:

I'm surprised at how few people realize that tens of thousands of people are dying every day just because really, they don't have enough money.  I'm even more surprised at how many people who know about it don't do anything to help the situation.  That's why Andy and Janell rock!  Not only are they seeing how it feels to live on $1 a day, they're actually using this experience to go and help the people who do this sort of thing without an option.
     It's pretty amazing, isn't it?  Just two average people, doing some silly little thing could make a difference in global poverty.  Just two average people, doing some silly thing, could help educate a whole community about how over 1 billion people live.  Just two average people, doing some silly thing, could change the lives of two other average people who weren't lucky enough to be Born in the U.S.A. (The Boss, 1984).
     I wonder if there are any other average people out there?  I wonder if there are any other folks with a crazy idea that might just make a difference for people forced to live on $1 a day?  I wonder what would happen if I would just do something, and you would just do something, and we all would just do something - that would be something!
    Thank you Andy and Janell for inspiring us to do something.


  1. Andy and Janell, I like your friend Tony. He makes good sense! We can all do some thing.
    Even as simple as to help in our own neighborhoods! Find a neighbor in need. We have friends who know a sweet 80 year old woman around the corner from them. She lives on social security. She likes soup, so they take her some soup when they make it. They found out she loves jam. So, they take a pint of homemade jam over to her, often. And sometimes a loaf of bread. A little thing, but then she doesn't have to buy those items. And she loves their short visits too.

  2. Thanks Tony. And the average people part is definitely right - so many people say they couldn't do this, and there were times this month we thought we couldn't keep doing it either. But it isn't just about the food. It takes on a whole new meaning when you begin to understand how much we have and how little so many others have. Thanks for being our original inspiration!