Monday, March 29, 2010

Our last loaves of bread

Here's a photo of the enormous loaves of bread we baked the other day.  Prior to these, our bread hadn't been rising enough.  In turn, we got to eat some VERY dense peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  When you're on a limited budget, you eat the crummy bread too.  These latest loaves are a huge improvement.

We found that our Kitchen Aid mixer's dough hook makes kneading the bread much easier.  As I think about it though, it's kind of unfair to use a Kitchen Aid.  People living on a dollar-a-day can't buy kitchen gadgets.  Then again, we used our rice steamer quite a bit this month.  While preparing our food like someone living on a dollar-a-day wasn't a part of our experience, it did make me remember how much easier we have it.


  1. You will remember this month with fondness, though it has been lean and difficult in some ways. It's been a growing experience to follow your progress. Thank you, both, for sharing so much with us along the way.

  2. That bread looks awesome!! Good job!!
    The nice thing: homemade bread is one of the best places to save on money. And it isn't so hard to make after a few practice loaves! Our ancestors made their own bread; we can too.