Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Other Dollar-a-Day information

I thought I'd share some links I've come across of other people who've done the dollar-a-day. - I saw this couple on the news after we did dollar-a-day a couple years ago.  Since then, they've written and the published a book about their experience.  They took a little different approach than we did.  They were able to have more variety in their menu by purchasing food in bulk, and then taking the average cost per serving to determine their per day food cost. - This is a woman who has compiled a list of recipes and shopping lists to eat for a dollar a day.  Again though, she takes the average cost per serving to allow for more variety in the menu.

Purchasing in bulk, and then averaging out the cost per serving allows for more variety and a healthier menu.  I'm not sure that Janell and I are ready to extend this experience beyond this month however.  :)


  1. I, for one, would give support to not extending this experience beyond this month.

  2. Well, I put my comment in the wrong place! Goes to show my aptitude with computers!!
    Just a quick repeat. Thank you Andy and Janell, for sharing your journey this month, online. And for including my site on your blog. I am a widow; the money from my 2 sites goes to help our son (he has ASD/asperger's) to live 'more on his own/earning his own way'. He is not able to hold down a 'regular job' outside the home. But is very good on the computer.

  3. Janet - thanks for sharing your story. I was so impressed after looking over your page! You've done a lot of work to research and organize all this information, and you've made it easy for others to reap the benefits of your work. I know I'll be returning there often - even though our month is almost over, we are hoping to continue finding ways to live frugally, including our grocery budget. I'm looking forward to trying some of your recipes!