Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day 23

One thing we've noticed since beginning this experience is that it takes A LOT of time to make food.  When Janell is home, a majority of her time is spent getting the starter recipe ready for the next step, preparing dry beans, or steaming our next batch of rice.  I try to help, but I'm worried that I'll mess up the starter (that means no bread).  And, the first time I made rice it was kind of crunchy.  When you only have limited resources though, you have to eat that crunchy rice (Janell was able to salvage it and make it edible).

This experience has also made me think about how often we waste large and small amounts of food.  I don't waste food anymore.  I eat every last grain of rice and every little bit of peanut butter that I can.  It's too precious to just throw away or wash down the drain.  2 of our last loaves of bread didn't really rise, so we had a couple of bricks of dough.  We ate it though, because we don't have the latitude to just buy some more.

Next time something you make doesn't turn out quite right, think before you throw it out.  It might not be too bad after all.  :)


  1. Interesting comment, I've been following along and admire both of you for your willingness to go through this experience. I will say though that sometimes I feel like all I do each evening is cook and clean up and get ready for the next day's meals. Of course when you live with an eating machine like Daniel- it can't be helped.

  2. Yeah, this makes me think about how you and mom used to count down the meals you still had to make...it begins to feel like you might as well just move into the kitchen.
    I think part of the equation is convenience - when you take that option out (fast food, prepared packaged food, etc) it just makes for more work. Which is pretty much how we grew up, so I can see why you guys were counting meals!

    Maybe you can put Daniel on $1 a day. He'll love it.

  3. Hi Andy and Janell, thank you for including my dollar a day site on your blog. Sadly too many people are not yet willing to change their tastes, and go to more of the basic/healthier/unrefined foods that so many people in the world are grateful to have even a few bites of everyday.
    It kills me to think there are people going to sleep hungry when there is so much wealth in the world.
    I completely admire your goals of using your money saved, to help others. Which in my opinion is the reason God gives us extra money.....to share it with others.
    By the way, I am a widow, and the money made on my 2 sites goes to help our young adult son (he has ASD/aspergers' syndrome) to be able to live more 'on his own'. He helps run the sites.