Monday, March 22, 2010

World Water Day

Check out this blog about World Water Day.  Read more information there and see how you can help 15 people in Africa get clean water just by buying a bottle (or by joining the Mocha Club).  Leave a comment if you do buy the bottle or join the club.  :)


  1. I bought Janell and I each a bottle. So, there are 30 people who will have clean water. :)

  2. I bought one!

    But I really encourage people to join Mocha Club if you haven't already. It's only $7 a month (the cost of two mochas) and it can make a huge impact. The neat thing about it is you can create a team and invite your friends and family to join too. Imagine if you got 10 people to join and then each of those 10 people got 10 people to join. It's very possible with it only being $7 a month. (I'm practicing for when Janell and I work the Mocha Club table at the Sanctus Real/Addison Road concert on Sunday night :) )