Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Our new pet

Please meet Jar-jar, our new pet. We've been feeding him a little flour and water every day, and now he's ready for even bigger and better things...BREAD!

I was wishing I could find a way to make a bread without having to buy yeast when I remembered a sourdough starter recipe my brother told me about. While I love the simplicity of making your own yeast, what I love most of all is that I can make 2 2-pound loaves of bread for less than $1!

It has to proof overnight, so expect pictures of freshly baked bread tomorrow. I expect to spend the whole night dreaming about it.


  1. no way!! I really want to eat rice and beans when I'm there this weekend, unless, of course, I'll be depleting your ration of food :)

  2. Casi - the bread turned out great, although it takes longer to rise than regular yeast recipes. I'm finding out that cheap and convenient don't really belong in the same sentence though.

    But cheap and delicious can! Just had some toast that seemed like a feast. :)

    Lisa - Don't worry, we have LOTS of rice and beans.