Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 4 - A Trip to Walmart

We started off the day at Casitas Kennedy again.  Today we got to perform our puppet show and songs to a couple of the classes there.  It was tiring holding the puppets up the entire time, but the kids seemed to enjoy the show.  They also liked the song and hand motions that Janell and Karen made up.

While we performed, part of the group went and did some more stenciling.  Here are some photos of them working.

From Day 4
Jessica and Samantha working on a stencil.

From Day 4
The stencils we did yesterday.

In the afternoon we went shopping to buy some things for the orphanage.  We thought it would be easier to buy it here than to bring it on the plane.

From Day 4

Well, as you can see, we did okay at the Honduras version of Wal-Mart (same company, but it is called Hiper Paiz here).  The receipt is about 10 feet long, and we had 6 carts full of stuff.  We're giving it to Casitas Kennedy and another orphanage we're visiting tomorrow morning.

To finish the day, the leader of our trip, Anna, talked to us about the current state of orphans in Honduras.  It was eye opening, sad, and a little discouraging.  The important thing is to not let that discouragement keep you from trying to make a difference though.  Here are a couple of videos she showed us.  The first is from an organization working with orphans all over the world (including Honduras), and the second is from the same group, but it is about the orphanage we're working at.

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  1. thank you so much for keeping us updated! I'm glad your trip has gone well so far