Monday, August 2, 2010

Day Three

Today was the first day we went to the orphanage. We aren't able to take photos of the kids at the orphanage because it is run by the government, and we technically need the permission of the parents. Our leader said that we may be able to take some photos by the end of the week though.

When we arrived we got a short tour and overview of how the facility runs. For the morning half the group went to work with the babies, and the other half went to stencil the walls of the casitas (little houses) that the children live in. We should be able to take some photos of the stencils.

After lunch we went and played with the kids in the central area of the compound. They were excited to play with the gringos. :) We just hung out playing soccer, frisbee, and jump rope. During that time groups of kids got to make bracelets as well.

This was a wonderful time of just getting to know the kids, hearing their stories, and showing them personal attention and love. Many of them had lice crawling on their heads and several of the boys didn't have any shoes. It was tough to be close to the kids with lice jumping off their heads, but I feel like I need to love them as Jesus would. I think He would probably treat them all the same, regardless of what health issues they have. He spent time with the lepers and outcasts of society. I can deal with a little head lice.


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  2. ask me about lice sometime...